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cape mens, 2014

For its The Fall Cape Trend

One of the latest trends on the runway—the cape—bears similarities to 2004’s poncho trend, which many have thankfully forgotten. The cape trend might offer a more modernized, streamlined aesthetic, but looks are not deceiving. In a 2004 article, Slate writer Amanda Fortini wrote, “Fashion crimes, like many other crimes, begin innocently enough. A few influential designers […]

exec, fall 2014

6 Fall Trends For The Season

6 Trends For The Fall Season The Executive Technique These suites are not your average “run of the mill” attire. They’re well designed to fit the man with emphasis on attention-to-detail. From the wall street executive tycoon to the average Joe — anyone call pull off this look with ease & confidence. Just make sure […]

Marc Jacobs Fall 2014, Reveler New York

Shaken Not Stirred This Fall…

“Shaken not Stirred” is the preferred drink this fall; thanks to the ingenious of Marc Jacobs and his preeminent men’s fall 2014 collection. Today our model is wearing a simple yet clean tuxedo which lends an air of “Hollywood” the fabric is integrated with a timeless gold that was woven into the fabric. Completing the […]

reveler, MJ 14'

Reveler New York is All Turnt Up For Fall 2014

  We are turning it up for the fall season! Manhattan Revelers love a good versatile look that can go from day-to-night! Especially this unforgiving number. Featuring these rad, red tartan pants, a crisp white tuxedo button up, camel cashmere blazer, and the ultimate black leather duffel bag. A perfect assemble for travel or work. […]

Brennan, for Reveler Nyc

Cheap & Chic Never Looked So Good

  June is here and with the temperature settling at a perfect 70 degrees — its clear that Spring made her arrival in New York today. From day-to-night the spring/summer suit should be light and airy — ideal for a busy day at the office which can also be worn on a night on the […]


Vaccarello Finds Inspiration in Viramontes

Vaccarello Inspired by Viramontes

Vaccarello Finds Inspiration in Viramontes Anthony Vaccarello appears to be the next designer to harness the evocative works of Tony Viramontes. The 1980’s illustrator is accredited as an inspiration for such aspects of Vaccarello’s line as the statuesque patent red ruffle, which snaked down the front of a black, strapless cocktail piece as well as […]

Swimwear. TJ FINK, TRNYC

The Hustle’ and Bustle of West Village

In celebration of Men’s fashion this spring The Reveler New York will be doing a series of webitorials featuring New faces in the modeling industry. We feel that originality, personality, plays crucial in identifying with ones character — while advocating and expressing the paradoxical individuality. — Lake Louis   Photography: Reveler New York, Stylist: Reveler […]

Tokyo Tales, Lake

The Modern Day Geisha

TOKYO TALES I recently uncovered an editorial from my venerable archives appropriately titled “Tokyo Tales” discover the beauty, allure, and ancient seduction through a modern day east+ meets west. Take  a walk through a series of playful yet provocative photographs. Conceptualize the mystique, and wonder of ancient philosophies from the east that influence the western […]

Alt= Lake sitting on the terrace rooftop

Rooftop Remedy

Perched high in the sky today, nestled along a rooftop terrace, somewhere in the East 20’s overlooking Gramercy Park. So when it comes to flannel, who else would know better than our neighbors up north in Canada, eh?  When it comes to personal style and being extra-chic, one has to show their sophistication and a […]

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