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Swimwear. TJ FINK, TRNYC

The Hustle’ and Bustle of West Village

In celebration of Men’s fashion this spring The Reveler New York will be doing a series of webitorials featuring New faces in the modeling industry. We feel that originality, personality, plays crucial in identifying with ones character — while advocating and expressing the paradoxical individuality. — Lake Louis   Photography: Reveler New York, Stylist: Reveler […]

Pharral Williams

Pharrell Williams Collaborates with Uniqlo

Pharrell Collaborates with Uniqlo By: Brigid Crispi Pharrell Williams. If this name doesn’t sound familiar, may we ask where you’ve been recently? Already in 2014, Williams has received several Grammys, been nominated for an Oscar, raised $41,000 for charity from Arby’s, released an album, and now designed a T-shirt and hat ( no surprises there) […]

Lake Louis

John Varvatos Fall 2014 Collection Highlights — Exclusive Coverage

John Varvatos a “hero-worshipping” fashion designer that loves Rock n’ Roll and all things Glam with a hard-edged flair for grunge and a Kiss of danger — literally. From the motorcycle style blazer to the black over coat that looked like raven feathers. What was his inspiration? “It was super-heroes that inspired the collection” — […]


Eco Princess, 2014

Eco Chic for Spring 2014

The “Eco Princess” of Griffith Park The sun is drenching, the rain runs sparingly and then comes dry hot weather particular in the climate of sunny Los Angeles. In the dry and brittle air of “LaLa Land” lies a secluded and distinct Park. In this park lies the “Eco Princess” — a princess who wears […]

wearing Raif Alderberg

Fabulous Urban Fall Foliage

  As I stand here in Bryant Park, just beneath me is the fall foliage. Its a rather cold & blustery day. The dry delicate leaves fall gently to the ground. They’re red, orange, yellow and brown — twirling, swirling, whirling round and round. The look today focuses on an over-sized Raif Alderberg cashmere knit […]

Purple Haze

Purple Haze

TODAY — I’m at the risk of sounding cliché, I felt pretty purple. Some of my friends say I’m an enigma, but others not so much. One thing I do know is that I’m a hopeless romantic. But what is a “purple” mood? Is it of any relation to “purple haze?” I didn’t know until […]

Gauchère f/w14

Gauchère For The Fall 2014

Gauchère for Fall 2014 By: Brigid Crispi, for Reveler New York All it took was one collection of the new brand for Le Bon Marché to want in on Gauchère, the label Marie-Christine Statz started two years ago. Statz, the 31 year-old, German-born designer is now based in Paris and is presenting Le Bon Marché […]

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