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Tokyo Tales, Lake

The Modern Day Geisha

TOKYO TALES I recently uncovered an editorial from my venerable archives appropriately titled “Tokyo Tales” discover the beauty, allure, and ancient seduction through a modern day east+ meets west. Take  a walk through a series of playful yet provocative photographs. Conceptualize the mystique, and wonder of ancient philosophies from the east that influence the western […]


walking in Paul Smith

Glam Rock Casual

December is here, and with the temperature hovering at a crisp 20 degrees, it’s clear that winter has arrived in Minneapolis. It’s no wonder that the Skyway is such a prominent feature of the cityscape; this eleven-mile network of climate-controlled, enclosed pedestrian walkways allows professionals and residents to navigate through the towers, skyscrapers, and shopping […]

Lake, for TopMan Spring 2014

A Burst of Color For Spring 2014

It may still be cold and grey outside, but next season’s collections are already in full bloom. Most designers are bringing a youthful, expressive burst of color to their Spring lines, aiming to add a splashy, flashy punch to your wardrobe. A little color never hurt anyone (unless you have chromophobia – look it up […]

Swimwear. TJ FINK, TRNYC

The Hustle’ and Bustle of West Village

In celebration of Men’s fashion this spring The Reveler New York will be doing a series of webitorials featuring New faces in the modeling industry. We feel that originality, personality, plays crucial in identifying with ones character — while advocating and expressing the paradoxical individuality. — Lake Louis   Photography: Reveler New York, Stylist: Reveler […]

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